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A tiny, in-memory cache manager that won't bite you :-)

Basic usage

const cache = require("bitecache")

// Create a "users" cache collection with 20 seconds expiration,
// and a "products" with expiration in 10 minutes.
cache.setup("users", 20)
cache.setup("products", 600)

// Add a new user with cache key "jdoe".
const user = {name: "John", surname: "Doe"}
cache.set("users", "jdoe" user)

// Get John Doe from cache.
const cachedUser = cache.get("users", "jdoe")

// You can also merge data to existing cached objects.
cache.merge("users", "jdoe", {surname: "New Doe"})

// A user that does not exist, will return null.
const invalidUser = cache.get("users", "invalid")

// Remove user from cache.
cache.del("users", "jdoe")

// Individual cache items can also have their own expiresIn, here we add
// a product that expires in 30 seconds instead of the 10 mminutes default.
cache.set("products", "myproduct", {title: "My Product"}, 30)

// Log cache's total size, estimation of memory size, and cache misses.
console.log("Total size", cache.totalSize)
console.log("Total memory size", cache.totalMemSize)
console.log("Total misses", cache.totalMisses)

// Log individual cache collection stats.

// Clear the users cache or all cache collections.

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